Key ingredients for building an amazing team

As I look back on my 20+ year career and reflect on my most successful business endeavors and most satisfying jobs, there is one thing that they all have in common: an amazing team. So what’s the bullet proof recipe for building a team that respects, trusts, and supports each other?

Welcome diversity and embrace differing viewpoints

Assemble a team of individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, ages and opinions. This guarantees that your work is influenced by varying perspectives and relates to a broader and more diverse audience. It also has a domino effect as you learn from your team members and bring that knowledge to your future business endeavors.

Articulate and rally behind a common goal

Take the time to anchor the team around a clear, shared purpose. Ensure that everyone gets a chance to share their thoughts on the objective and strategy to achieve these goals. As individuals we bring our personal knowledge and experience. As a cohesive team, we have the collective power to influence and deliver successful solutions. When everyone aligns on an objective and a plan, it’s clear how to move forward as individuals and win — together.

Get to know your teammates on a personal level

Professionals are people too! Talk about your strengths, your weaknesses, and what matters to you — and your teammates are much more likely to be honest, authentic, and open too. Authenticity is contagious and vulnerability is valuable. Knowing what motivates your teammates or makes them tick will help everyone work better together.

Lift each other up and celebrate successes — big and small

Develop a team culture that praises each other for small or big wins and expresses gratitude on a regular basis. By acknowledging and showing appreciation to individuals or the entire team, everyone feels valued, empowered, and has a sense of achievement that fosters confidence and desire to continue working at their full potential.

Each of these ingredients deserves a double-click to uncover practical approaches and tools to help leaders create the right team and the right environment in their organization. Find me on LinkedIn to talk about your unique situation?

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